Landing Page Development and Design

We create a high converting landing pages for you (based on proven methods) to capture new leads at a very high conversion rate.

Management of Google Pay-Per-Click  (PPC) Campaigns

We perform extensive keyword research and setup a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign with multiple different ad groups (each with different keyword groupings and different ads)

Split-Testing Multiple Different Ads to Maximize Leads and Lower Cost-Per-Click Costs

For each ad group we split-test multiple ads, thereby finding the ad that gets the highest number of clicks. This will get you more leads, and in addition, Google rewards people who get a high Click-through rate by giving you a lower cost-per-click.

Ongoing Testing, Adjusting, and Optimization of Campaigns to Continually Increase Inbound Leads and Reduce Advertising Costs 

Every month we will analyze all of the keywords and ad Click-through data very carefully, and will make the necessary tweaks and improvements to ensure your account continues to improve instead of decline.

  1. High Converting Campaigns
  2. Advanced Online Campaign Tracking
  3. Google Adwords Spend Monitoring
  4. Proven Landing Page Designs
  5. Local Business Keyword Optimization
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